Soil Building Services and Programs

Why Test Your Soil?

  • Develop a healthy and nutritionally balanced soil
  • Get recommendations specific to your soil and the crops/plants you intend to grow
  • Maximize nutrient recovery by balancing soil minerals and improving soil structure
  • Pinpoint specific factors to increase crop yields
  • Avoid the costly overuse of fertilizers
  • Learn valuable soil and crop management information on such topics as tillage, soil pH, organic matter, soil fertility, and more.

About Our Program

The unique Timberleaf Soil Testing program considers the whole-plant environment by testing soil elements and closely examining cultivation practices.   This enables us to help our clients obtain maximum soil fertility, regardless of the soil type or geographic location.

Our basic program includes analysis of 18 different areas of your soil, including cultivation practices.  We go a step beyond many other soil testing companies by addressing other factors affecting your plant growth such as organic matter, soil oxygen, and soil moisture.

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Who We Are

  • Timberleaf Soil Testing is a nationally-recognized service that has been helping home growers and mini-farmers grow high-quality and nutritionally-rich produce since 1986.

  • We emphasize soil testing for the organic grower.

  • The fertilizers and amendments we recommend are approved by most organic-certifying organizations.

  • Our priority is customer service. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  • We serve clients throughout the U.S.