Timberleaf Soil Testing

If you are wondering why your garden crops haven’t been quite up to par or are just wanting to get this year’s garden off to a good start, then a great place to begin is with a reliable soil test. 

Reasons to test your soil

  • Develop a healthy and nutritionally balanced soil
  • Avoid the costly overuse of fertilizers
  • Learn valuable garden management information, including tips on tillage and the use of organic matter
  • Contribute to a healthy environment
  • Grow stronger, healthier plants, and increase crop yields

Our unique program goes a step further than most – it takes into consideration the whole-plant environment by testing soil elements plus closely examining cultivation practices. 

Soil testing takes the guesswork out of gardening and mini farming, and it saves money, time, and effort.  Healthy soils produce healthy plants and healthy plants are more resistant to insect damage and disease.

Timberleaf Soil Testing has been helping mini farmers and home gardeners grow high-quality, nutritionally rich produce for over 20 years. 

Bob & Valerie Russo
Timberleaf Soil Testing

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Specializing in soil testing for the Organic Grower since 1986

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