• Soil Test Report - $34

    Based on your Lab Report emailed to Timberleaf. (See Directions for Submitting Soil Samples below regarding which lab to use and soil test package to request.) Provides analysis of lab report and includes a Summary Report listing all fertilizer and amendment recommendations for organic matter and all major and trace mineral nutrients. Also includes crop-by-crop recommendations for nitrogen and phosphorus and a Supplemental Guide that provides valuable in-depth information on what is outlined in the Summary Report. The following Soil Sample Information Form must be downloaded, completed, and emailed to us, along with your Lab Report and PayPal payment information, at


    DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION FOR SUBMITTING A SOIL SAMPLE and which lab to send your soil to for testing.

  • Provides step-by-step instructions on how and when to prepare the soil for cover cropping.  Suggests which cover crops to use and provides a detailed three-year soil improvement timetable for planting and rotating those crops.

  • Helps you decipher your heavy metal test results by providing general information on standards for heavy metal’s along with precautions for soils high in them.